Migrated tasks are now treated like completed tasks?

I don’t know whether this is a setting I’ve changed, or something got updated in Obsidian, so I’m asking here in case someone has noticed this too.

In the past (like a week ago?) when I mark a task as migrated (so from - [ ] to - [>]), the preview mode would display those task with a little square box with a right-pointing arrow coming out of it.
Now, all migrated tasks are treated like completed tasks (they are just checked tick boxes).

Does anyone know what has changed?

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Seems you can put almost anything except whitespace in between the [ ] to make it checkmarked.

Interesting: If you put - [→] or many other Unicode symbols in there like - [💩], it still shows the character. So probably again one of these [A-Za-z0-9] hard-coded thingies. Tsk. We do have more than ASCII these days … :wink:

Using Obsidian 0.12.3 on Linux.

The thing is, putting a dash in between [ ] in the past would display as a right arrow coming out of a box and not a check box. Which is why I’m wondering whether something has changed.

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Were you using the slated plugin and disabled it? Slated did some changes to how these are rendered.

As an alternative, you could check out death_au‘s CSS snippets (checkboxes are at the bottom): GitHub - deathau/obsidian-snippets

I haven’t updated the Slated plugin since they changed the feature to “moving” tasks instead of “copying” tasks to a new daily note.

But your suggestion for the css snippets was great - that fixed my issue.

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