Middle key to open and close link, choose multi-link with ctrl or shift, delete links will left many pane

Use case or problem

click mouse middle key hover on link to open the link, do not need to press the ctrl(sometimes you just want use mouse, and everytime you should right click and choose open in a new pane is tedious).

click mouse middle key hover on title tab to close the note(just like the chrome tabs).

delete links opened in edit, it will left blank pane which do not need.

choose multi-link by press ctrl or shift in obsidian file explorer(just like the windows file explorer).

here comes a bug, two same menu options(show in the system file explorer).

can we choose the big size of these icons, can some of them turn off showing on the borad?

will it be a iconimage on menu’s top right corner, let people choose what options they want. People maybe need all the abilities, but they maybe not want all of them show on the menu.

by the way, is that a bug? I already turn off the open in defalut app plugin, but it appears in the menu(I do not need that function). Maybe it happens when you install the obsidian to cover the previous version. If I uninstall the obsidian first, and then install it, it will not happen.

when I create a new vault, my setting is lost. how the deal with this?


Is this still an issue or can it be closed? I don’t really understand what you are describing.