Microsoft Wubi IME (A Chinese IME) appear a bug in a list when using Enter key to clear the input code

Steps to reproduce

This is hard to explain, because it concerned with a Chinese IME. To reproduce it, you need to enable the Wubi IME (五笔输入法) in Windows 10:

  • Go to windows Settings App
  • Time & Language
  • Language
  • Add a language and choose Chinese (Simplified, China)
  • In to the Option of Chinese (Simplified, China)
  • Add a keyboard
  • add Microsoft Wubi
  • Into the Option of Microsoft Wubi
  • Set the Enter Key selection list to Clear Wubi coding

Open Obsidian editor, switch to Microsoft Wubi IME:

  • type in a then Space Key, the will appear in the editor
  • type in a then Enter Key, the a code will be cleared

So far, everything is normal.

Then you create a list, like:

- 123
- 456

and put the cursor into the list. Type in a then Enter Key

Expected result

The Wubi code a should be cleared, and the cursor stay at where it was.

Actual result

The a code is not cleared, but saved in the editor, and the cursor moved to the next line!

Of course you can use other Wubi codes, they end the same.


  • Operating system: Windows 10

  • Obsidian version: 0.12.4

Additional information

Does it happen in the help vault?

Strange, it don’t happen in help vault. The help vault don’t have plugin enabled. So…

Ok, found it. It’s the Outliner Plugin causes it.

Please next time check in the help vault first.

Got it. Did know that before. Thank you!