Method for automatically create a list of all internal links to all note headers

For the why i’m making this post, let me show you what i’m trying to do first:

To get a better view of the summaries i have on obsidian, i decided to create a mindmap that refers to all headers for a note. Here’s an example of how it looks:

By creating this, i can easily expand the mindmap for whichever note i want and see all the topics (which are basically the headers) that are looked into there. Normally you would simply paste whatever the topic name was instead of creating a link, but with obsidian i find this would be quite the waste, especially since i can look at the introduction for each topic by simply holding Cntrl over the internal link.

The real problem with this though, comes when you have hundreds of notes each containing from 4-15 topics each. For the example i just showed, if i screenshoted the whole mindmap with all sections expanded, you would be abled to see about 300 or so internal links.

Of course, even by doing the fastest method that i found of creating header links manually, one by one, it took more than an hour of just manually copying each headers, pasting inside a double bracket and pressing tab. Not to mention that i also had each internal link renamed to the same title as the header, so i had to also press “|”, paste the header again and remove all the ## from it

I’ve looked everywhere for a feature that could do this job automatically for me but i had no luck so far. Is there a way to do this yet, or atleast something faster? Or should i post this on Feature Request?

You can drag headings from the Outline pane into another note to link them.

The Table of Contents plugin creates a list of links to the headers in a note (you might need to do a search-replace to add the note name, since it’s meant to be used within the note).


Wow thanks! The Table of Contents plugin with search and replace does it just right. This will definetly cut the time required down by alot


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