Metadatamenu Dataview Query doesn't return all files

What I’m trying to do

I’m using the Metadata Menu. I try to add a field/property of the type ‘file’.
I try to use the Dataview Query option, but I can’t get it to return all the files that match the filter I define.

Even if I only add dv.pages(), which should, I think, return all the markdown files in my vault, I don’t get all the markdown files.
If I leave the Dataview Query empty, it does return all the markdown files in my vault.

Things I have tried

Not use a query at all: result => returns all markdown files in my vault, probably also the images, but I didn’t check that.

dv.pages(): result => returns some of my files in my vault, can’t figure out why only those and not others

`dv.pages().where(p => p.fileClass === “organisatie”): result => returns nothing

`dv.pages().where(p =>“+”): result => returns some of the files starting with +. Can’t figure out why some files are returned and some aren’t.

`dv.pages().where(p => p.databron === “remote”): result => returns some of the files of which the property ‘databron’ is equal to “remote”.

I also tried the Dataview Queries in a markdown file. They return all the expected files there.

If someone else ever struggles with this. ‘Pch’ from Discord explained it to me.

Maybe you could try:
dv.pages().where(p => p.fileClass === “organisatie”)

(Seemed to work in one of my test vaults )

The File type of input needs to be a link (if I understood correctly how it all works ) which is not what
dv.pages().where(p => p.fileClass === “organisatie”)

… returns per Dataview’s documentation:

Return a data array of page objects, which are plain objects with all of the page fields as values.

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