"Metadata Wrangler" -- like TagWrangler, but for metadata

TagWrangler is a transformative plugin. It makes tag management a joy. Tags are great for many things, but key-value metadata also is useful.

I love tag wrangler because it gives you the “stratospheric” view of all tags. Really nice and so useful to help clean up tags (misspelled,wrong terms used, etc.) whether from imports or due to just debt accumulated over time.

With metadata, we really should know in advance our terms to query them. This makes it very difficult to get the big picture view. It also means it will not pick up fields with spelling errors, wrong variants (“links-to” instead “linkto”), etc.

Furthermore, what makes TagWrangler so useful in this regard is not just presenting a survey, it allows you to edit the tags in-place. These two together make for a very powerful tool not just for resurfacing, but also note management.

I love going to the tag view and at a glance understanding and having full control over the tag data model of the entire vault. It would be great to have the same for metadata.


I haven’t used it, but I’ve seen Metadata Menu mentioned a few times.

With metadata improvements on the Obsidian roadmap, I think everyone (including plugin developers) is waiting to see what the team comes up with before making any big metadata changes. I know I am.


Thanks. That’s a nice plugin, but only works (AFAICT) on a single file. So the big picture survey/management is not possible.

It make sense to hold back till the new metadata stuff comes out (looks like it’s next up??!) before supporting this. I’ll bump this when that happens. Or maybe will not need to be bumped as there might be native support for this :slight_smile:

So I’m just starting to get more into properties and I’m curious about where you’re struggling here. It seems to me that you can see all properties in the properties outline and that renaming a property to an existing one merges the two.

So what more would a properties wrangler need to do?

The main benefit for me of tag wrangler is moving hierarchical tags to different hierarchies but that doesn’t really apply for properties (debatable i guess because nested properties is technically possible I think but think that usage is minimal for most).

One feature I would like is when viewing properties outline to see list of values for the property and clicking on those to see where they apply and renaming those. Is that what you have in mind?

I would not use it for updating single notes one at a time.

It’s about for editing/updating/maintaining properties for notes across the vault, with a subset or all of them. From schema changes to mass metadata updates etc. So it’s less about note editing and more about property curation/management.

Similarly, when I use Tag Wrangler, it’s about the tags and not about the note. E.g., it’s not because I editing a note’s tags. It’s because I am working with tags across notes. I need to clean up/update/curate/delete/rename etc.

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