Metadata on blocks for zotero highlight

Hello everyone.

I use obsidian for years now and i am trying to make it the most effective possible for my thesis writing.

I have particulary developped a quit efficient way to manage my articles highlight but want to make it even more effective as i am starting to get a lot of articles highlight.

let me get it clear

i tag every highlight i do on zotero depending on the subject and the section i want the information to be. for example :#introduction #epigenetic or #methodologie #sequencing.

i then transfer every highlight using zotero integration on Obsidian and i have created a code that make every highligh a block that possess the tags. the blocks are saved in a note labbeled as the keycitation of the article.
i can then do a research on the research bar to have the highlight that i want by just tiping the tags depending on what i am working on

here is an example

i am working on the general introduction of my thesis

so when i want to refer on a specific highlight i just do [[citationkey^the block of the highlight]] and i can quickly get back to the information i am refering to

however i would like to improve it further and make it that when i site the information, the block dissapear from my research

i have added a small reference properties on the bottom of the block that get filled with the reference code when i site it for the first time

i would like to filter my research as a metadata by using [properties] on the research bar
it would be like [“reference”: null], so when i cite, the reference code would get on the reference properties and dissapear from my research.

but it doesn’t work as the reference: is not recognize by Obsidian as metadata since it’s not a note but a block in a note

so i was sondering if there is a way to introduce metadata for blocks

And if you have any tips to make this system better i am always open.

Interesting workflow!

but it doesn’t work as the reference: is not recognize by Obsidian as metadata since it’s not a note but a block in a note

Right, reference: is not a property, so you can’t search for it using the property syntax.

Properties are the metadata of the file in between two such lines: --- at the top of the file. See the help docs on Properties.

You could try adding a #cited tag when you cite a highlight. Then search like so line:(#introduction #general -#cited)

Here’s a demo:

As you can see, this can correctly identify the highlights with the right tags, which don’t have the #cited tag. Of course, this requires you to actually add this tag, whereas your proposed method simply required you to add a block-id.

You can actually get the same simplicity with this query line:(#introduction #general -^), as long as the assumption holds that only highlights with block-ids will contain the ^ symbol.

For simplicity’s sake, I assumed you would format your highlights as a list, like I do in my template. This simplifies querying.

The reason I use line: and not tag:#introduction -tag:#cited is because for some reason, the latter doesn’t work, as reported here.

Hey, thanks for your reply.

i didn’t know you could use the (-) to filter.
but weirdly it seems that the -^ doesn’t work in the lin:( ) and if i put it outside the line:( ) it straight up delete the whole note rather than only the block

That’s weird. As you can see in my screenshot, -^ should work inside line:, so long as all the things you are searching for are on the same line.

What do you mean by delete in this context? Removed from the search results?

as you can see it does detect the tags but not the -^ wich is weird.

but if i only put the -^ it does work but then i can’t put tags

I don’t think my suggestion works with your original format. Like I wrote here:

and here:

If your block-id is on another line, it won’t work.

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