Metadata Menu and Properties compatibility

I’ve just discovered the Metadata Menu plugin, but I’ve also just discovered that Obsidian 1.4 will be soon released (I’m not catalyst) and that it will bring Properties.
It seems to me that, at their core, they satisfy almost the same needs? Maybe Metadata Menu add something more, but I wonder how did Metadata Menu adapted itself to the Properties release. I haven’t seen anything online about conflicts between the two, but I wanted to be sure that if I start to re-organized my metadata with metadata menu now, I won’t have to re-organize them again when obsidian 1.4 will be released. And, moreover, if possible I would like to use less plugins possible.

Essentially, what I really need is to have links working in the frontmatter, having suggestions when inserting Metadata based on previous Metadata inserted in the same field, being forced to use only a a specific text format in some fields.


I’m also interested in this. I have a few different pre-set options in Metadata Menu and the do not show up as options in Properties. Anyone know if this is possible?

It seems reasonable to think that the native support of Properties will evolve to include some of the functionalities in Metadata Menu. For example currently Properties suggests only values that have already been used, but eventually one should be able to give a list of values to choose from, like in Metadata Menu.

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