Metadata location and security


Newbie here wondering what metadata is stored separately from your markdown files (and where)?

Reason for asking is simply in-case of moving or encrypting data, to get the whole kite and caboodle.

Thank you.

On windows, it’s %APPDATA%\Obsidian\ObsidianCache. There is one json file per vault.

We store filenames, headings, tags, linked mentions positions, etc. All these things are used to support\speed up the various functions provided by Obsidian.

You don’t need to backup/move the cache file. If one is not present, or it is outdatad, Obsidian will crawl your vault and generate a new one.

Moreover, some configuration settings are stored within each vault in a .Obsidian subdir.


Thank you kindly @WhiteNoise.

In-case anybody using the Snap on Linux and can’t find it in the documented paths please try:


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