Metadata Group Discussion - Community Talk

Metadata Group Discussion

Type: Collaborative hackathon Hands-On / Workshop / Discussion
Expected Duration (min): 60 - 90
Presenter: N/A
Longer Description by presenter:

We’ll collect discussion points and questions and go through them during the talk. Everyone is encouraged to share how they handle the topics on the agenda, or share their screen to show examples. A few things we might cover depending on time:

  • What should go into the file name vs the front matter?
  • When to add new things to the metadata?
  • Where/how do you use tags?
  • Workflows for maintaining metadata on your notes?
  • Workflows/tools to make metadata consistent?
  • How do you use emojis as part of your metadata?

You can add points of discussion or questions using this for: or posting in this thread.

Technical Requirements: N/A

The talk has been scheduled for May 30th, 8PM CET.

Please use this link to let them know when you would prefer the talk to be based on their available time slots.

Please feel free to ask any questions related to this talk, or share any thoughts/comments!

Updates (2021-05-17): The original talk Leveraging Metadata and Bending Markdown was cancelled (you can find the original contents of the talk on the details tag below), we’ll be offering instead a group discussion as described above.


Leveraging Metadata and Bending Markdown

Type: Collaborative hackathon Hands-On / Workshop / Discussion
Expected Duration (min): 60 - 90
Presenter: @tallguyjenks
Longer Description by presenter:

Aim for a discussion around how to use things like symbols, temporal components, emoji’s, tags, links and more with intention to lay foundational architecture for a knowledge base to grow and scale without hindering search, rediscovery, and organization. And some ways we can bend markdown to service these needs.

Technical Requirements: Yes, Obsidian, a method of emoji insertion (Alfred on mac, or default mac utility, win+. on windows, some solution on linux)

You can find the voting poll here to get an outline of the talk.