Metadata emoji tags dissapear from the HTML when not in active line

I am unsure how long this has been happening to me, I know I noted it a couple of times before maybe a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t have a definite timeline.

When I use emoji characters as tags in live-preview, the rendering works fine as long as the line is selected. This only happens with emojis as I have tried using text and it renders fine when inactive. This happens both individually and in an array [].

At first I thought some weird styling was messing with my viewport from my snippets. So I took a a look at the development console and the characters seem to be deleted from the HTML of the line when I click away. see screenshots. This leads me to believe it is not any CSS styling rules. For context I don’t use the new properties rendering,

I know I could follow code execution to figure it out; so after adding a codebreak on subtree modification of the line, the code making the change is in app.js: i.insertBefore(h.dom, o); from e.prototype.sync = function(t, n) {

I am, however, out of my depth to figure out what is causing this change beyond this.
What could I do to further debug this issue?

Edit: I forgot to mention that the call stack is completely within app.js, thus I haven’t provided a list of my pugins. I would if you think this would help.

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This is happening to me too.

In my case it also happens with bullet points disappearing in Live Preview unless the line is selected. Other affordances like numbered lists work ok.

Only happens in one of my vaults though

The bullet thing fixed itself after updating the plugins.

I still see the reported issues on emojis

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Not sure if this is the cause, but it looks like emoji aren’t allowed in tags:

The definition of “alphabetical letter” is rather wide it seems, so it seems that as long as the emoji is an actual character it’s perfectly legal to use in a tag. Note sure where they draw the limit with regards to multi-byte emoji characters, but when using the Icon shortcodes I’ve found that those not being replaced with a character, but which remains like :luc_sunrise in live preview they’re not good to use as tags.

But stuff like the :meat on bone gets replaced with an character and can be used as a tag… This is the current top of my tags list:


This actually is the reason I didn’t know I wasn’t “supposed” to be using emojis. The tag pane has always displayed my tags since I started using obsidian multiple years ago.

I came across a post on discord claiming that this is a problem with the iconize plugin. After disabling it or reverting it (via git), the problem is corrected.

There is a discussion to resolve it on GitHub.

See my accepted answer.

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