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This request for heading hotkeys wasn’t in the list at the top, linking it here for completeness:

This sounds like what I am searching for at the moment. I want to:

  • Select some text within a note (via keyboard or mouse),
  • execute a command (via hotkey or mouse right-click menu) which,
  • creates a new note file named from the selected text,
  • and modifies the selected text to link to the new file.

I am on a Mac. Perhaps I could write a Keyboard Maestro macro to do this.

There are a few plugins that tackle some of the things requested here. There’s a small running list here:

But you should also checkout the community plugins in the settings.

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I wrote a KM macro for this a while back, here: Transclude Me (KM macro on OSX)

But tbh it sometimes flakes out on me.

I noticed at least one new plug-in that seems to be targeting this but I have not yet had a chance to try it out: Note extractor, from @J_L

@gtdandy the Note Refactor plugin should provide the functionality you are looking for.

@randulfr there is actually an open feature request to replace the extracted content with a transclusion of the content in the newly created note ![[extracted content note]] rather than replace extracted content with an internal link to the new note [[extracted content note]] which is the current functionality. Feel free to comment on it.


Note Refactor does exactly what I want as it currently works. I do not want the data Transcluded, although I guess removing the bang (excuse me, “exclamation mark”) from the front of the link wouldn’t be that difficult.

I don’t know how I missed Note Refactor – I thought I had thouroughly looked through the third party plug-ins for a solution.

BTW, the reason I want this function is I often write long text notes and only see things that require a page of their own later.


GTD Andy

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I am totally disappointed, what is the use of Markdown for editor, when the App can’t be used without mouse?

I am requesting an Obsidian which is fully Keyboard-able.
I find it difficult to use mouse and keyboard at same time, was not Obsidian made keeping in mind the Programmers?.

There could be several ways:

  • WASD or Arrow keys navigation like in Handsets.
  • Tab , Shift+Tab navigation.
  • Long press alt or F6 press the prompt numeral like in MS word.
  • Full, All-Round Hotkeys to access each nook and corner.
  • Combination of above.

Hoping, it will receive approval… :slightly_smiling_face::


Use case or problem

Please allow users to set Function keys, INS
key and such other keys as hotkeys without Modifiers.

This request is 100% justified.

Reasons in support:

  • Mono keys are better than Combi keys. Users with physical inaccessibility will appreciate it.
  • Function keys are language/Keyboard layout agnostic (=indifferent). Users who switch between RTL LTR and who use non-english keyboard, will appreciate it.
  • Function keys are snappy and take less time.
  • expecting some more from visitors

Proposed solution

I invite users to share what they would like to have as defaults to Funtion Keys.

My preferred settings.

These are settings and features I prefer. Some might require new Request.

  • F1 : for Syntax Help (via drop down menu) in active cursor state in Editor Mode, and Help vault in any other case.
  • F2: for file rename (as earlier).
  • F3: for switching between Editing and Previewing Mode.
  • F4: for opening graph.
  • Long Press F4: for opening local graph.
  • F5: to open Settings.
  • F6: Open File Tree Navigator i.e. Panes on the Left-Hand Side.
  • Long Press F6: to open Starred Notes.
  • F7: to Search+Replace in current focused Note. [My idea is Search+Replace will suffice for just Search.]
  • Long Press F7: Search+Replace Globally across vault.
  • F8: To open Quick Switcher.
  • F9: To open Command Palette.
  • F10: To open Panes on the Right-Hand Side.
  • F11: To Start Presentation.

Current workaround


Here are some topics which others created in to support the arguments I mentioned above.

I request @moderators , please not to flag it as duplicate, as I am putting in effort to make it a Meta Post.

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@ViaAhmed This has already separate request here: Single key hotkeys (context sensitive)

@lizardmenfromspace Could already implemented items be e.g. strike-through or grey in original post? Now it does not allow to distinguish pending requests from archived no longer relevant items without opening each link. For example:

Yeah, I knew, I forgot to mention a link to yours, But this has more details, I have presented more arguments.
In addition to that it has more other hidden request,
for e.g. Currently as of 2020-12-13T18:30:00Z, Obsidian do not have an option to set Hotkey for Starting Presentation, And I have suggested one.

My bad, I gave a narrow heading. Thanks

I was searching for, how to make keyboard navigation easier, though it is not better than direct hotkey navigation, but, It will be better than using mouse.
here I will try to curate possible solutions, or JS libraries which may help to make it easier to implement.

I went ahead and strikethrough the ones you listed. I don’t mind doing this but someone has to notify me that a hotkey request has been fulfilled.


Next and previous day hotkeys in the journal would be super useful.

Exactly. What is the design choice for not allowing Function keys?

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Please, add this feature request to the list:

Thanks a lot!

I’d like to be able to change the hotkeys for Next and Previous when using Find.

macOs uses cmd+G and cmd+shift+G universally for these, so F3 and shift+F3 are quite a context shift.

Hotkey for creating code blocks. I’m used to doing this in Slack with Option+Shift+Command+C

The Code block from selection plug-in provides a hotkey.


We shouldn’t need a plugin to set a hotkey for creating code blocks.

Same for this feature request: Include an option to toggle both sidebars as a hotkey. It has been archived because the proposed solution is to use a Windows-only third-party software. Well no, sidebars are UI parts and a hotkey to toggle both at the same time needs to be implemented. Can’t go in “focus mode” / “clean view” / “fullscreen” without it.