[Meta feature request] Make the application usable only with Keyboard

Being Obsidian one of the best (almost free) apps in its field, it is a shame that it is not possible to use it without a mouse (o a touching screen). For me is really time and mind consuming to leave my hands of the keyboard for any simple action.

There are a lot of feature requests regarding access to certain function or navigation through the keyboard. But it has not much sense to focus only in certain part of the app when the real benefit would arise when, it is possible to navigate through all panes, side bars and files with the keyboard.

I assume it would be a lot of work but users could help with suggestion about the keys combination to use.

I think that a good approach would be to have some hotkey to enter “navigation mode”, then use tab and/or arrow keys to navigate among all the parts of the screen.

The file explorer would be navegable with the arrow keys and there would be a hotkey to open the contextual menu (and of course the context should be navegable also).

I know this is huge. More than just a feature, is a complete new navigation system to integrate with the app. But I think a lot of users would thank this.

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For me is really time and mind consuming to leave my hands of the keyboard for any simple action.

This is often an illusion. Research has found that altho users think keyboarding is faster, it’s usually slower. Keyboarding takes more mental effort, which distracts from how long it takes.

But I support the request because it’s important for accessibilty (and it makes some people happy even if it makes them slower).

It would help if I knew which specific things aren’t possible currently with the current plugin suite, many of which add additional hotkey and navigation functions.

  • Navigating anywhere within settings or individual plugin settings. It’s all mouse-driven
  • Navigating buttons to access a particular panel within the sidebar
  • Pinning/unpinning sidebar (I believe)
  • the file navigator itself kThe one is a real head-scratcher to me that this wasn’t keyboard nav friendly immediately)

I’m sure there’s more.

Basically, if it’s not in the editor, good odds that it’s not keyboard-drivable.

We just shouldn’t have to ever touch a mouse when using Obsidian.