Mermaid internal link can't be searched in the graph view

Steps to reproduce

(1) create note_a and note_b
(2) use the mermaid graph to draw a diagram.
mermaid graph LR A[note_a] --> B[note_b] class B internal-link
(3) In note_b, I can see “the unlinked mentions” shows note_a can be linked.
(4) When click the link, the note_a will changed into the codes below,
mermaid graph LR A[note_a] --> B[[[note_b]]] class B internal-link
(5) The mermaid graph can’t appear, and the obsidian graph view can’t link note_a and note_b.

Expected result

(1) Hope that the internal link I set in the mermaid code and be successfully appear in the obsidian graph view.
(2) When click the unlinked mentions, it can successfully link two note together.


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  • Obsidian version:

For the unlinked mention part:

Open a feature request for adding mermaid internal-links to backlinks\graphs

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