Mermaid graph

Hello Guys!

Is it only my Obsidian or there is a small problem with Mermaid graphs rendering? the text seems to go out of the box.

Thanks for checking that.

Does it also do this when you change the layout to top-down TD instead of LR. Also have you activated “readable line length”? Might have to do something with the max. Width of the page?

Yes, I have checked and it does not matter if I use the TD or LR. I also have the ‘readable line length’ option turned on.

I am slightly suspicious about the size of my laptop. It is 14’’ screen, so I zoom out few times, so the font size is smaller. Might be because of that?

I will check today if the same issue appears on the bigger screen and post here

I have checked on different PC with wider screen and it looks ok.


Might it be screen-size issue? Or the difference in OS? On Windows it looks ok, but on Linux (Elementary OS) it is not looking correct.

I mean it is not a major issue for me :slight_smile: