Mermaid graph extending out of note boundaries

Steps to reproduce

graph BT
  1[My mind] --> 2[Emotional regulation]
  2 --> 3[ACT - Defusion]
  2 --> 4[Joy on demand]
  2 --> 6[Self-love, Loving-Kindness]
  1 --> 7[Mind state] --> 8[Aversion, dullness, Energized awareness]
  1 --> 10[Cognition] --> 11[Formulating plans for problem solving]
  11 --> 12[Mental models]
  11 --> 13[Algorithms to live by]
  11 --> 14[Fear setting]
  2 --> 14

Expected result

The graph to have its boundaries in line with the text. However, the graph extends past the boundaries of the note

Actual result


  • Operating system: Mac OS 10.15.5
  • Obsidian version: V 0.8.4

Additional information

Does this happen with default CSS?

Is your image is cropped? or Do you have a horizontal scrollbar too? If so, it’s ok. And like @ryanjamurphy said, check with default css.

There’s a horizontal scroll bar but is it possible to scale the graph to fit window?

I have been facing the same issue @curiosity. Did you find a workaround to solve this problem ? Thanks in advance.