Mermaid block diagram issue

What I’m trying to do

I need to represent a block diagram using the Mermaid JavaScript library. However, it seems that the Mermaid available in Obsidian is a few versions behind the latest release, and I cannot represent block diagrams. Is there any way around this, or do I need to wait until Obsidian is updated?

Things I have tried

I have made sure I follow the Mermaid docs on block diagrams (Block Diagram Syntax | Mermaid). However, I get the error “No diagram type detected matching given configuration for text: block-beta”. Here is my code:

columns 3
Read_1(28_cycles) Read_2(90_cycles) i7(10_cycles)

Thanks in advance.

Is the block in mermaid some new function I wonder as it has beta pasted after it…
Yeah, then you’ll need to wait.

Or try plantUML for similar functionality – I have switched to that for other reasons myself.

At a push, make your mermaid diagrams in the online editor, make a screenshot and paste into your document.

Block diagrams are indeed a beta feature. I will try using plantUML, and if worse comes to worst, I will use a screenshot. Thank you for your answer!

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