Mermaid: arrows/marks not showing

This is still an issue in v0.15.9 on my system. The upstream bug you linked is very old (Mar 25, 2020) so waiting on upstream may not be so wise if the shadow root workaround reported as slidevjs/slidev#564 will work in Obsidian as well. Has the dev team tried this work-around?

That workaround can’t be used in Obsidian.

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I notice that if you use the popup window the arrows disappear, while the main window does not
Main window:
Popup window:

Someone in Usage of duplicate IDs across diagrams has potential to break some diagrams said :
“found that if create my own loader that wraps each diagram in a shadow DOM, I no longer get non-unique ID problems as the individual diagrams no longer are shared.”
I don’t know if this is a direction that Obsidian can use shadow DOM to fix the problem? It really bothered me for a long time…

Again, That workaround can’t be used in Obsidian.

Facing the same problem.
Is there a workaround for the arrow missing issue?


some people said that this issue is fixed (and tested in Obsidian?)

And it seems that it will be fixed in:

I’m not very familiar with the developing work flow. Does it mean that we can see this issue being fixed in Obsidian very soon?

This “fix” hasn’t even been merged by them yet.

We never comment about timing questions.
The libraries are updated regularly a few months after a new stable release is made upstream.

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Is this fixed? I encountered following bug:

Steps to reproduce

Paste the following mermaid code block into a note:

graph LR
	A <--> B

Expected result

Actual result



  • Operating system: MacOS 13.0.1 Ventura

  • Obsidian: 1.19

Or should i open a new thread for this?

I see the same thing, two way arrows only showing one arrow.

Plus if i’m if the page is in reading mode when you open obsidian, it will display numbers (from “autonumber”) and arrow marks correctly, but from the moment you first toggle between reading and editing mode they never appear back in reading mode anymore.

this seems to be fixed with version 1.1.15
Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 16.29.19

it’s not.

here is another issue, in the default dark mode, and runs in macos13.2.1 with m1pro mac, obsidian is the latest version(1.1.16), when i use flow codes:

    Student->>Admin: Can I enrol this semester?

here is a color mistake:

you can see the arrow head is here but shows in dark, i think that could be a simple issue that can be fixed soon.

and here is the light mode screenshot:

hope fixed in next version!

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