Merging multiple notes

Things I have tried

Hi everyone, I’m trying to merge multiple notes into one single note. I saw there’s a feature request for this going on for quite a while, I didn’t find any solution on this.

What I’m trying to do

Basically I have all these notes and I would like to have all the text they contain into one single note.

Hope someone can help, please note I’m not a coder.

If you’re on windows, use notepad++ with the Combine plugin. Make sure to copy the folder somewhere else first and only then work on combining the files.

I’m on Mac. Also please expand a little on how to do this… isn’t there an easier solution?

If you are on mac, you can do this easily in the terminal. Especially if all notes to be combined are in the same folder.

cat *.md >
or if you want to make sure they are in chronological order, as your example…you could loop like this:

for i in {01..30}
cat "$" >>

Didn’t knew my terminal could do that! Thank’s, awesome solution

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