Merging headline outline with local graph view


So, many people use outline notes for book notes, and they have many links that go straight to it; and also many headlines. There should be a feature to “show headlines as notes” in local graph view - it can be messy if it happens in the global graph view -. This will help finding what someone needs from the book fast.

This can help re-imagine the graph view in book outline notes like this one (this is a small 90 pages book; imagine if it’s an outline for a thesis or 800-pages book!):


I think this is an interesting idea. I would generally like a graph view option that was more hierarchical, like a flowchart or an outline.


Yes, a toggle to split nodes by note or note#heading would be great. Hopefully it would also recognize the note#heading origin of an outgoing link, too.

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I second this.

It’s often convenient to split notes not only by files but also by headings same as linking not only to files but to headings (which is already supported by Obsidian). So it would also make sense if the Graph View was also capable of showing Note -> Heading/Heading -> Note/Heading -> Heading connections.