Merge vaults or update and move vaults from one computer to another

I’m wondering if it’s possible to merge 2 vaults being used on 2 different computers?
Or is it possible just to work with one vault on one PC, then copy the directory with files on the USB-drive and continue working from laptop, then copy updated base to the initial PC for example?

Not sure what you mean by “merging”.

You could do that, everything regarding a specific Vault is in its folder, be it the notes or the settings. So as long as you have Obsidian installed you can move the Vault around like that and use it on different computers.

The most practical way however, would probably be to use cloud syncing like Google Drive or Dropbox and sync your Vault folder between your two PCs.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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By merging i mean that on one PC i create vault “A”, where i have notes A1 and A2. On another PC i create vault “B”, where i have notes B1 and B2. Then i copy contents of vault “B” to the PC with vault “A” and finally i have vault “A”, where i have notes A1, A2, B1, B2.

Oh you can do that yeah. Your notes are just plain text in .md files you can move them around or copy them as you wish.

Adding files to a Vault comes with no issue, the only problem would be if you separated(or copied just a subfolder) because then some links could become broken.

A bit late, but if anyone else pass here. You could probably use Syncthing because you can keep folders synced through many computers.