Merge notes

It would be useful in many cases to merge two notes, and have the links to those notes merged as well.

(Or should this be a feature request? Honestly, I am often confused about what should be a plugin and what should be a feature…)


Would love this!

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Came here to submit the same thing as a feature request!

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Also the opposite, split notes.


Adding a +1 to this.

I think there is a need for a pack of operations. Like merging, splitting, extracting link lists and etc.

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Definitely agree! For a little while, I thought that I could do this by just renaming a note the name of another note, knowing that both were empty of content within, thinking that all links were to a note with that name, so the system wouldn’t even know it was merging.

Unfortunately, I made a mess of many links, so here I am. It is amazing how much damage can be done to a network in a short period of time when not careful and making assumptions. Obviously, totally my fault.

Really hope this plugin comes around. Thanks in advance.

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I’ve been looking into this and found some posts on concatenating markdown files with pandoc. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite get it to work! The main issue seems to be that some flavours of markdown use SeText headers while others use ATX style headers… so results always came out with forward slashes inserted between hashtags, messing up all of my headings!

This is what I used to combine all markdown files in a directory:

pandoc *.md -o

Then I tried:

pandoc *.md --atx-headers -o

But I couldn’t quite figure out how to employ the space_in_atx_header extension so I’ve given up for the time being!

definitely, sometimes i have to split subtitles from my notes to keep it simple and clear

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