Merge Cards in Obsidian Canvas into a note

Canvas is invaluable for sketching out ideas quickly into cards, and linking them together, but then have to be manually moved to a note or notes with multiple clicks per individual card. It would be super useful if cards could be selected, (maybe first making into a group if that helps) and the contents copied and pasted to an existing note, or converted into a new note.

I can’t find any workarounds other than manually copy pasting the contents of each card, but i find the canvas a huge help for adhd and use multiple canvases to go up and down higher levels & then map of content notes & linked notes to go into the more finder detail orientated resolutions. So this would be a huge help if its possible.

Many thanks


me too

Absolutely - seeing that the tons of cards I added to a canvas didn’t turn into notes really is a cramp. Would love it if they were created as .md notes like the rest of my notes!

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I need this feature badly! I’d also like to take a note and split it into cards, but that’s another feature altogether…

also would love this feature!

This is a fantastic idea.!!

And how about turn cards into Obsidian notes linked exactly like ordinary notes?