Merge "all properties" panel with "file properties" panel

Use case or problem

The properties sidepanel is a nice alternative to display priorities, but i don’t want to see a sea of properties, just those relevant to my active note.

Proposed solution

I understand properties and related features are still a new feature and need yet some adjustments.
Please add a toggle button to the properties sidepanel to display / filter only properties for the active note. Also, this toggle button should remember its state

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

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You want this option from the command palette:

Thanks, sorry but this seems to be a “hidden feature” right now?
I just switched to Obsidians latest build today, before i used v1.3.7

I would like to close with resolved, but this nice feature needs to be more visible, to be exact in the properties side panel as well.

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Open a specific fr for that.

I changed the title of my feature request from: Properties sidepanel - filter for active note only to Merge “all properties” panel with “file properties” panel to add more detail to my request

The current shortcut to display only active properties of our active note opens a new panel. This is superfluous because “all properties” and “file properties” display properties.

Another point is, a lot of plugins add panels, so consolidating “all properties” panel with “file properties” is “just” a cleanup of pertinent features.

The new “all properties” panel has just a single button, so there is space enough for at least another button to filter properties of our active note

It’s funny, because it doesn’t show…

…or it does, depending on the vault: I have 2 vaults (one is a sub-vault of the other) just for convenience so, obviously, same version of Obsidian; in one vault (the sub vault) I can show file properties via command palette, in the other vault the command doesn’t exist (even after deactivating all the plugins and closing and reopening the program).

BTW: when will properties be availlable on android?

You have to turn on the Properties core plugin. It’s off by default.

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Oh, thanks!
I might have forgotten to turn it on in that vault but, by seeing the properties on top of the files, I thought it was active (and even forgot it was a plugin in the first place, one of those set-and-forget kind of things). :sweat_smile:

Honestly i don’t understand why “all properties” and “file properties" are separated and not activated by default, so my feature request.

I assume, the property panels aren’t yet finished features and need yet some tweaks before their features are consolidated in a single panel.

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Yeah it’s very frustrating. I often forget to turn the core plugin on in test vaults and spend a few moments wondering why I can’t see the properties until I remember :expressionless: