Menu ordering should ignore emoji

Use case or problem

Ordering in the menu takes into consideration emoji.

Proposed solution

Ignore emoji when ordering. In the exaple about the order should be:

  • :iphone: Android
  • :exploding_head: Learn
  • :computer: Linux
  • :vhs: Raspberry

I wish there was a way to tweak this. I’ve renamed all my notes with emojis but then realized they are out of order. I know it’s technically correct and not a bug per se since every emoji has its own character code so it technically IS in alphabetical order, but it would be really useful if there was an option to “ignore emojis when sorting” or something, it would be much easier to find a specific item in a long list. Is there a way to tweak this changing Obsidian’s code somehow?

I’m happily replying with a solution!

The “Icon folder” community plugin does exactly what you’re looking for. Just install it and enable the “native emojis” option in the settings, and you’re all set.


Link to the repo, too: GitHub - FlorianWoelki/obsidian-icon-folder: Simply add icons to your folders or files in Obsidian.

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