Menu Item or custom keyboard shortcut to Dev Tools

Usage example or problem

None of the standard keyboard shortcuts for calling Dev Tools does not work. F12, ctrl+alt+i and other standard keyboard shortcuts offered on this forum cannot call the developer console, which makes it impossible to develop plugins and styles for the program. Linux Manjaro 21.3.2 x64 KDE Plasma 5.24.6 X11

Proposed solution

A new menu item or give the opportunity to assign a combination of keys through the standard Configuration functionality - Сombination keys to Dev Tools . I will be very grateful to you for introducing the functionality, it is very difficult without it. Thank you in advance.

Current workaround (optional)


Ctrl+Shift+i work for me on Linux. Any luck?

And I’ve tried that too. But after your post, it occurred to me that this is due to the fact that on ctl + shift I have to switch the keyboard layout (language). I removed it and it worked, I was able to open the console using ctl+shift+i Unfortunately, I can’t remove the language layout from switching to another ctl+shift, because the special button for quickly switching the language will also stop working. So, yes, on the one hand this is my private problem, on the other, if it were possible to call the developer console from the menu or through a custom combination of keys, it would help a lot.