Mentions to Today

What I’m trying to do

I would like to make some sort of ‘reminder’ list in my daily note template I use at work.
I have here setup a section called “Today’s Reference” (which is basically call this person, or did I receive input for this)

The way I want to use this is, in my previous daily notes I type in the date I need to have a reply, or I need to take action by saying [[2023-12-05]] and that’s it.

Now I would like to have just this line this bullet point, this task / action point, be referenced in a dataview list. (as a automatic to-do)

Now I can call I would like to call this, but I have no idea how to do this; as I want to have it in my daily template.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried setting it up in my “Daily Note” template like this;

FROM "300 - Business - 👔/DailyNotes/"
WHERE {{title}}

But this does produce a whole list, and if I put there

FROM "300 - Business - 👔/DailyNotes/"
WHERE date(today)

It does give me the complete list of notes again.
I want to only see the bullet point / paragraph where this is mentioned, and only where it’s mentioned.

Is this possible? If so can you please help me?

I hope somebody can help me here.

Something like this should work, but it will only show the bullet points and not the paragraphs:

LIST file.lists.text
FROM "300 - Business - 👔/DailyNotes/"
WHERE contains(file.lists.text,

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