Md files missing from search but not from file browser

What I’m trying to do

Hi all.

I’m trying to get Obsidian to return all files in my repository when doing a search. For example, “vinyl” exists in my repo. If I use the “files” function on the upper left I can browse to this file and open it in Obsidian. If I use “Go to file” that also works. But if I type “vinyl” into search, nothing returns. This used to work. Do I need to perform some kind of re-index operation?

It’s worth noting that I sync my repo with git across several Macs and Linux systems.

Things I have tried

  • I’ve done some searching on the internet with no luck.
  • I’ve closed/re-opened the app
  • I’ve run ‘reload without saving’ in the cmd palette
  • I’ve uninstalled from /Applications and reinstalled from web
  • I’ve tried the above with the 4 community plugins I use disabled (Calendar, DataView, Natural Lang Dates, Templater)

TIA for any help.


Well, I’ve re-indexed my large-ish vault at least 15 times since using the app. Granted, I performed a lot of global search and replace jobs and I liked to start with a clean slate.

It wouldn’t hurt for you to learn how to do this.

  • Quit Obsidian. On Linux (on Mac it will be something similar I reckon*), head to /home/user/.config/obsidian

  • Move these folders to the trash:

    • Cache
    • Code Cache
    • DawnCache
    • GPUCache
    • IndexedDB
    • Storage
  • Restart Obsidian

It will re-index your vault.
Hopefully, it will help you solve the problem.

* On Windows the folder is at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\obsidian

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Hi gino_m, thanks for replying. I ran the following on my mac:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/obsidian
rm -rf Cache Code\ Cache DawnCache GPUCache IndexedDB *torage*

All commands ran fine, no errors. Brought Obsidian back up and realized my issue might not be one of indexing, but rather a problem with case sensitive search. In that magnifying glass search function in the upper left, it’s case sensitve and searching for “vinyl” won’t get a hit on a file named “Vinyl” But In “Go to file” it’s case insensitive and that search will work. I have been expecting them both to work the same way. I see I can toggle case sensitivity with the “Aa” icon next to the magnifying glass. But it looks like I can’t toggle case insensitive as the default option.

This must have changed in one of the versions that got updated since I started using Obsidian b/c I don’t seem to recall ever having that issue.

Anyway, thanks for the commands on the re-index. They will surely come in handy at some time.



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Yeah, that’s a pain.
I have twenty-odd bookmarked search queries that I use to look for English texts I’m yet to translate. E.g. for files in folder ‘A’:
-path: /[B-Z]/// -path: meta/ -tag:#englishtexttranslated -/status:\sdg_uploaded/ /^.*(\b(that|he|she|was|were|have|are|they|with|this|not|but|from|by|if|how|where|when|why|of)\b)[^áéíóöőúüű].*/

  • And of course I have no results unless I hit Match Case. It’s a good way to practice, actually. Will keep you sharp. :slight_smile:

On a side note, I also don’t relish having to do the workaround of excluding all other folders to get the result count right, but that’s another matter…

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