Maximum Call Stack Exceeded - Please help me restore this note

Things I have tried

  • I tried the file recovery and it had copies of all my other notes, BUT this one… :frowning:
  • I tried using various tools to repair corrupted md files with no luck

Please someone help me recover this file.
03. (84.2 KB)

That error message most likely indicates that you have a recursive function which just keep on calling it self, and never breaks free.

To recover from this I can suggest two alternate approaches. One is to edit the file externally, in another editor, and fix/remove the function/query which has gone haywire.

The other one, given the function is triggered by Dataview somehow, is to disable Dataview, and then open the note and fix the problem before re-enabling Dataview. (The same procedure applies if it is another plugin causing the issue)

Thanks for the reply, but I have to note that although I do get the concept of the issue as you’ve described it, I do not know how to edit Obsidian’s core files (which one exactly and what inside of it, in order to stop the function calls) in order to see my actual contents inside this particular note. And if you mean that inside my note I am using a recursive function that essentially keeps invoking itself - I am not. :smiley: I am still a beginner and this note contains my notes for my Javascript course so mostly a some text, then a small code block with example and so on. Nothing complex in terms of logic, just a lot of information I do need.

Regarding the 2nd idea - I am not sure how exactly this is done. I assume it’s in the settings, but I couldn’t find it. I did find another option earlier and tried it - the legacy editor. It showed a minor improvement as it actually previewed the file, but ofc as I see it in notepad - corrupt and with repeating symbols and letters… So still no hope with that.

But if you could point me how to do the Dataview test I would do it.

PS: I also don’t have any plugins that I am using. Whatever comes in default that’s what I use. I only use a theme that’t not default - Obsidiante.

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