Maximize Tab Group (FKA Pane)

Use case or problem

Currently you can maximize a tab, but not all tabs within a given pane. This feature would implement the ability to quickly maximize or zoom in on a PANE (group of tabs), as opposed to only a tab as is possible with various other plugins.

Proposed solution

The current ‘split’ functionality creates regions that are distinct, separate from tabs. Presumably the proper term for these ‘regions’ is a ‘pane’, though the vocabulary has morphed over the years of Obsidian’s existence (tabs used to predominantly be referred to as panes, probably stemming from Andy’s plugin).

I regularly use LARGE monitors with Obsidian, and splitting the window in to panes, or regions is beneficial for organizing the kinds of notes I have open in a given workspace. I would like to be able to zoom in to, or maximize a PANE, not a tab within a pane, to focus on the tabs WITHIN that pane. So for example if I had my window split in to 4 panes, or regions, each containing a set of between 3 and 5 stacked tabs, I could with a keyboard shortcut focus in on any pane (set of tabs), seeing ONLY the 3 to 5 tabs within that pane. And obviously, mechanism to return to full window view would be required.

Current workaround (optional)

Manually resizing panes containing stacked or unstacked tabs. This is sub optimal however, as you can never completely remove a pane from view, and it is tedious and cumbersome. Additionally, any resizing or re-rendering of a pane adjusts the available space in the layout requiring constant manual tweaking of the pane positions.

Related feature requests (optional)

Similar, but unclear if it’s exactly the same request:

Obsidian dropped “pane” as a term because it became ambiguous when they introduced tabs. Now we have tabs and tab groups. I changed the post title to reflect that but didn’t change all the instances in the post itself.


Thanks for the clarification!