Matroska videos are supported. Adding 'mkv' to accepted extensions is all that's missing

Matroska (mkv) files currently don’t belong to the official accepted file formats, and yet they can already be played from within Obsidian.

To verify this, take any video.mkv and rename it as video.mp4, then add such ![[video.mp4]] link to a note.

Therefore, I’d greatly appreciate if the “mkv” extention was added to the list of accepted video extensions.

(Granted, Matroska is a container format, and mkv files can contain only audio ; but in my experience, most of the time mkv files are video files, so I’d suggest treating them as such by default).

Thanks in advance !


Strongly support this, since I Matroska (.mkv) is my video storage format of choice. Even .mp4 get remuxed.

Would love to be able to (easily) embed my OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and other videos into Obsidian notes.


This seems like a really easy fix from the dev side… any chance this can be done? .mkv is practically the standard for people who know what they’re doing. Leaving support for .mkv out is leaving out a huge amount of tech-savvy users. (No, I won’t rename every file I embed to an .mp4, that’s not a good solution, although very good to know that it can be done so thank you @ngirard).

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Please add MKV support in Obsidian, it would be great.