MathJax plugins

It’d be nice if we could somehow specify which plugins the MathJax engine should use. I’m talking about things like mhchem, physics and other extensions listed on this page in MathJax docs.

I think there could be a global setting in preferences that would turn these on; I don’t believe it’s needed to have this on a per-file basis.


yes, I need this to write lots of chemical formula

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+1 for this.
From the MathJax documentation. The extensions can be loaded in initially with mathjax setup or:

Alternatively, use \require{physics} in a TeX expression to load it dynamically from within the math on the page, if the require package is loaded.

However, this does not work for me (adding \require{physics} to my Tex block. So I assume the require package is not loaded. This could be a solution but it would be more convenient to allow a permanent list of extensions that the user wants loaded with MathJax.

Since there a quite a few MathJax extensions whatever solution (core feature / plugin) should ideally allow only the extensions that are wanted to be enabled. Depending on how the plugin API shapes up I could also see this being solved via a plugin.

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