Mathjax couldn’t render the Local Language Font correctly

The issue is the font gets broken when it renders any Bengali/Bangla/Hindi word.

Step to produce:

  • $\text{হেল}$ was given as an input.
    হেল means and pronounce as hello.


  • হ ে ল
    Actual Result

Expected Result:

  • হেল


The issue was created on mathjax repository.
This solution is provided by One of the mathjax dev team Davide Cervone

You need to configure MathJax to use the surrounding font for text elements, and then put your Bangla text inside

MathJax = {
  chtml: {
    mtextInheritFont: true
<script src=""></script>

It looks like in app:// the mtextFontInherit is set to false.

Thanks in advance