Master task list compiled from different notes

I’ve been using Obsidian for a week, so a lot of capabilities are unknown to me.

I’ve been creating note-specific task lists, and I’d like to have a master list of all those in a single note. Checking of a task would update both the original note and master note. I’ve read about queries and ended up with a headache.

There are probably fifteen ways to do something like this with all manner of plugins stringing things together, but embedding notes is a good place to start.

Embedding the home and office notes my task-master note:



gives me this:

CleanShot 2023-11-30 at 17.31.36

Thank you, it didnt occur to me embedding notes could work this way. Theres so much to learn!

Two of the other methods this could be done is by using either the Tasks plugin or the Dataview plugin. I’m partial to the latter, but that’s a matter of personal preference. Dataview offers the possibility to build queries listing your tasks, and possibly filtering out the tasks depending on various details.

So one variant looking for unfinished tasks all across your vault would look like:

WHERE !completed

In due time, this can be varied to exclude/include just some of the folders, or possibly only task notes which are tagged in a particular way and a whole bunch of other options.

The resulting query offers three major benefits as I see it:

  • It gathers the pure tasks out of whatever context the task is in. Using the embed method includes the entire file with surrounding text
  • It allows for completion of the task by clicking on the first box
  • It allows for easy linkage back to the origin by clicking on the task text

In addition it can allow for sorting, prioritising and grouping if you’re so inclined. So my two cents go to using dataview for this kind of master lists.


Thanks! I figured out what step i was missing with the Tasks plugin, it’s what i was trying to do!

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