Massive unusable space in tab space

Things I have tried

I am currently using the Default theme for Obsidian as most themes have not been updated for V1. I tried multiple themes, both that have been and have not been updated to V1. All themes have a massive unusable blank space that leaves approx 3 lines of usable space at the very top of the note space.

It should be noted, I’m using the Flatpak V1 on Linux Mint 21

What I’m trying to do

Trying to figure out if it’s an error on my end, or if it’s a V1 bug

You can regain some of that space by disabling “show tab title” in the appearance menu, but it’s not optimal (you have to right-click the tab to get to the title and loose navigation buttons)

That oddly enough just shifts the usable window down. It still only three or so usable lines of text

You’re right. I ended up adding some CSS for now, but it may mess up other parts of your layout.

.cm-scroller {
    padding-top: 0 !important;

Maybe share a screenshot of what you are seeing? that doesn’t sound right. likely an outdated snippet or plugin? Try opening Help > Sandbox. Can you reproduce the large blank space in there?

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Attached it a screenshot of the large blank space. I will open Sandbox and see if it’s still there

It does not do it in sandbox mode, so now I will go through my plugins and see what’s causing it

Figured it out. It was an outdated plugin. Don’t know which one, but I updated all of them and as soon as it applied, the entire space became usable again.

Thank you all for your help.