Massive issue with file security on iOS

There should be some kind of backup going on on iOS.

I created a huge file with notes and then I closed the tab, for some reason it wasn’t stored anywhere. When I open the note it’s empty.

I am using iCloud to sync my database. I’m aware this might not have happened when using Obsidian sync, but who knows?

I am pointing this out because this make it very difficult to trust the software with sensitive work data and notes, if an hour of work can just vanish like that.

My feature request is to include some form of backup and security solution for freshly created files, maybe taking into account that people use different services to create a cloud database.


if you use icloud perhaps icloud has some internal backup functionality.

Regarding Obsidian, there’s this: File recovery - Obsidian Help

don’t use iCloud sync for any third party app, especially productivity apps. I have seen this case with marginnote3 icloud sync for like 4 years now, I gave up on icloud sync. There are always issues going on with it.
When it works it is great, which is most of the time, but when it doesn’t then it isn’t pretty.

its the reason why I have started using the obsidian-livesync its a little complex to host and run but its really worth it, haven’t lost any data every since. That’s what you do if you don’t want Obsidian Cloud.

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@AlanG the threads you linked are not specific to iCloud and were fixed.

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