[Marketing Suggestion] List Obsidian on MacUpdate

MacUpdate is a longtime-running, and extremely well-established, Mac app review site. It is well-known within the Mac community, and savvy Mac users will often consult it when looking for software reviews and alternatives. Currently, MacUpdate already shows listings for several of Obsidian’s competitors, including:

…among others.

It would be helpful to have Obsidian show up as an alternative, for users that are searching MacUpdate for suitable replacements.

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Let’s get Obsidian to 1.0 first- no point in alienating new users with beta releases. This will only hurt Obsidian.

Why would a beta release alienate new users? Those interested know what beta means. Furthermore, Obsidian in beta has been behaving like a full-fledged app that is being updated and having more features added to it.

For comparison: Typora has been in beta a number of years, it is not even clear if it will ever be taken out of beta. Yet many people use it, and in internet searches it is often listen, and in markdown note-taking app reviews it is invariably included.

So, why not Obsidian?

A very good suggestion, I hope the devs take it up.