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First of all, thank you to @cristian for amazing plugin! I wonder if there could be a way to ignore code blocks when updating a page with Markdown prettifier? If I have for example — (three lines) or something in code block, Markdown Prettifier thinks its table and messes up the block. Or am I doing something wrong?

Alternatively, an option to disable table management could do the trick? I probably need Markdown Prettifier for header updates only. I think that it’s actually wasn’t the main goal of the plugin to achieve, but it’s still best solution to update YAML-header :slight_smile:

Hi Suz,

Thanks for the thanks! :D.

I wrote the prettifier to cover a very personal need and ‘not stop writing,’ and since I did not plan it, it’s complicated for me to ‘disable table management.’

I think it would be better to deprecate prettifier and have two plugins instead:

  1. A plugin that only formats the markdown. And I think ‘prettier format’ already does that, using a specialized, supported, and tested library ‘prettier.’

  2. A proper plugin to manipulate and automate the YAML frontmatter

I use the prettifier YAML functionality to:

  • Add and update dates.
  • Add a UUID in the YAML to identify each note.
  • Check if the YAML is well-formatted.

Perhaps it templater could be used to define the YAML.

Perhaps it would be better to propose YAML edition functionality or plugin?

How do you use it to write YAML?

Basically I use Markdown Prettifier to update YAML modified date and tags list + I let it take care that header is consistent. Though autolink literals and ordered lists -function is also useful :slight_smile: I don’t use much tables and if I use, I make them with generator. So all in all I find most of the functionality in Markdown Prettifier useful. But still, hopefully YAML will be taken care of in Obsidian core at some point, YAML modified date could be automatic etc.

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