Markdown note-taking habits and lists


I realize I’ve been “unfaithful” to markdown the last couple of years. The editors I have been using (mostly Ulysses) does not process Markdown “by-the-book” — which means I’ve gotten some unreliable habits.

The worst one, is that I take notes in unordered lists, and separate them with line breaks to make it pretty and readable. But this obviously does not work in Obsidian; adding linebreaks between lists completely breaks the parsing in preview/export. This has never happened before.

I love taking quick notes like this as it looks good to me (readable; lots of whitespace etc) and forces me to write short, concise sentences that I can return to and flesh out later. But this won’t work anymore, given Obsidians “faithfulness” to Markdown parsing.

So… I’d like to fix my note-taking-technique to be in harmony with Obsidian/markdown, but am a little lost. Changing habits that have been in use for several years is hard and kills motivation. So I guess what I’m asking here is for some general, technical tips on note taking within the Markdown framework. Do I just start writing in paragraph-blocks with regular line breaks? What if I want to break down a topic into pieces (like with list-leves/indents). Use headers, perhaps?

Any help appreciated, be it quick responses or links to articles/videos on the topic. Only “requirement” is that it relates to writing well with Markdown and Obsidian.

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Hi. I use unordered list to take note too, but I don’t see any problem with that.
What do you mean by “this obviously does not work”?
If you have some problem with the layout, just try the CSS snipets, to adjust the margin and border, instead of using line breaks.
In fact I don’t see any “correct” or only rule to use Obsidian. Feel free!

Separating lists with a line break breaks parsing (see below). Is this not happening to you?

Using CSS is a creative but not sustainable solution (given that this is the way it has to be, and not a bug). It means my plain-text might break again if I change to another md-platform.



For reference, here a screenshot of preview when not breaking up the lists: