Markdown links - why no note picker?

Newbie question…

When you begin a wiki link ([[), a picker pops up to suggest internal notes.

With a standard Markdown link, ([my link](thelink)), no such pop-up appears.

Since Obsidian aims for future-proofing, why are wiki links are not Markdown considered the first-class citizen here?

Is there a way to get a Markdown link suggesting internal notes?

If you choose Markdown as your default link format in settings, then when you type [[ it will give you autocompletion and become Markdown when completed.


I didn’t know that. Brilliant. :clap:

Yeah, it’s not obvious.

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That makes me feel a little less myopic for not knowing. :woman_facepalming:

Thanks for the answer.

I’d argue that markdown links are more for past-proofing than future-proofing

Please educate me!

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