Markdown link on (ctrl+click)

I use markdown style links. When click on the word which between double square bracket with Ctrl, obsidian create a new page. It is very nice but the new page link is Wikilink not markdown link. It would be better if it was a Markdown link.


I don’t understand. If you want a Markdown link, type a Markdown link instead of a Wiki link.

It sounds like you want unresolved wiki links to become Markdown links after the page they point to is created. Is that right?

For example,

There are two files. ( and
When I type [[]] and enter, in Obsidian automatically create an markdown style link.


But when the doesn’t exist:


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Oh, I see. What happens if you then click on the wiki link (thus creating the file)? Does it become a Markdown link?

Thank you for your quick reply.
It doesn’t become a markdown link.

I use like this way:

  • create new note with ctrl + n
  • turn back to the
  • create link

but it is not very practical.

This seems like a bug.