Markdown internal links might contain spaces

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new vault
  2. Turn off Wiki links
  3. Create a file called one:
# Section One
  1. Create a file called two
  2. Write [[one#Section One]]

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Expected result

I don’t know if there’s any offical standard for how should section link should look like, accordin to the StackOverflow Answer, the generated link should be [](

Actual result

Obsidian will replace that to []( which will make the link broken in Github. If the link is manually changed to Github’s convention then it will no longer point to the section when clicking on it in Obsidian.


I’m not sure debug info is relevant

Additional information

Since this isn’t covered in the Markdown spec I suggest either having a configuration option to maintain compatibility with Github. If adding a configuration is undesirable I would suggest that Obsidian will generate links as it does now, but support both forms when clicking on a link inside it.

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