Markdown importer does not convert Latex

First of all, great product! I found a very minor bug—when importing from Roam, the importer does not convert Latex correctly. $$f(x)$$ should be converted to $f(x)$, instead it is left as-is.

There also are some unsupported commands in Obsidian’s Latex interpreter, e.g., \bm{x}. (On that note, what is the Obsidian interpreter? Is it Katex or Mathjax? If the latter, is there a reason for that? I’ve found it to be slower and less feature-rich)

We use MathJax3. Obsidian supports both inline and block latex.
It’s not immediately clear that anybody coming from Roam would want their formulae converted from block to inline.

All Roam latex is formatted with the double $$—there is no distinction between block and inline

that is why it’s not clear what we should do about it.

Perhaps convert unless there are newline characters on either side of the $$<latex>$$? Obsidian formats an inline double $$<latex>$$ as $<formatted latex>$, so it seems unambiguous, unless I’m missing something

Not anymore in 0.7.4.

You can open a feature request for the roam importer.

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