Markdown editor stopped working suddenly

Things I have tried

Tried googling for answers and searching through the forum but didn’t managed to find any

What I’m trying to do

there’s something wrong with my editor it seems… previously the list will be auto numbered. But now, I have to enter the numbers manually when creating lists.
And other markdowns like -[] to create checklists don’t work too

i must have accidentally hit something on my keyboard. does any one of you know how to fix this? thank you v much :pray::pray:

The very kind Leah and Obsidian Simon on Discord helped and it turns out that this is what caused the issue:

there’s indents in my content and that was what’s causing the problem
“text > empty line > index” displays as a code block (red)

if you face a similar problem, consider using the community plugin called “show whitespaces”. it may help uncover the issue :slight_smile:

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