Markdown doesn't render (very new to Obsidian)

So I’ve been using Obsidian for around 3 days, and yesterday markdown stopped working. When I type format between the ``` symbols, it doesn’t show up visually, and remains as markdown. I am using live preview. I’ve tried switching between reading mode, source mode, editor mode, to no avail. It seems to happen with other formats too, for example templater or Dataview related syntax doesn’t render (I’m not sure if I’m using the right terminology).
Although some few elements, like the statblocks in the ttrpg statblock plugin and the multi column plugin seem to work.

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling my plugins, even Obsidian itself, and doing this on and off:


I would really appreciate help as I really want to use Obsidian. I’m sorry for my awkward english.

Let’s show an example:

Hi there, this is *italic*, and this is a [search here link](

This is *not italic*, nor a [link]( because we're inside of a code block.
Back out, *more italic text*. 

You could copy that to a note of yours, but it would render like below:
Hi there, this is italic, and this is a search here link

This is *not italic*, nor a [link]( because we're inside of a code block.

Back out, more italic text.

My point is, if I understand you correctly, that you’re trying to get markdown formatting within a code block, a block surrounded by ```. That’s normally not what you want out of that code block, so it needs to be ended before you continue your writing.

When using live preview, various code blocks and queries shift in and out from being previewed, so that might be a little confusing before you get a grip on the various markdown formatting.

I suggest taking a tour through the sandbox vault to read and play with formatting. Just remember changes in there, will be lost. To get there, hit the question mark in the lower right (if on desktop), and then “Open” next to the “Sandbox vault”. Inside there is an entire section on “Formatting”, and various nice information.

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Maybe show a screenshot of your actual note, so we can see what you’re doing.

But I think holroy is right that you should just spend some time reading the help documentation. Format your notes - Obsidian Help

And this is a good resource too: Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide

Backticks are a way to show code without formatting. So if you want formatting, and Markdown, don’t use backticks at all.

Also I edited your post, because the way you used backticks also made part of your post hidden.

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