Markdown converter for Notion links

When Notion pages are exported as markdown, Notion links look like this:

[Page Name](Page URL with UUID hyphen case)
[Example Page](

Create a plugin that converts this link into a wiki-link by removing the url and adding double-brackets around page name:
[[Example Page]]

Provide the option for appending converted links with a folder name:
[[Folder/Example Page]]

Perhaps this could be generalized for converting any markdown links into wiki-links, not just Notion, but I wanted to start with a specific use case


I keep a bunch of linked notes in JOPLIN (, which can export complete folder structures in Markdown. The problem: Links get “broken”, because JOPLIN uses a different format for links, that goes like this: Title, where the latter is the name of the .md file. - This is just another use case for this type of markdown converter, I suppose.

Hi, I’ve made something like this already. It’s not a plugin, but it’s a script for converting Notion notes into Obsidian-readable links.


Hey Rail thanks a lot! I have one question - sorry that my digital literacy is too limited to immediately comprehend this. I am currently using your tool to import my notion files into Obsedian. But i do not understand step: 5. Input the path where your Notion notes are. Do I just copy the file in the notion folder or do I have to do something else?

Sorry for the inconvenience thanks a lot for the tool!

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