Markdown based Timelines / Markwhen Plugin for Obsidian

There are several timeline plugins for Obsidian. While I appreciate the effort, none of them is suitable for more complex timelining efforts like project management or novel outlining.

For such matters, I prefer Aeon timeline.

Now, it seems there is a very nice solution based on Markdown. It is called Markwhen:

Is it possible to integrate this into Obsidian via plugin, ideally integrating into both canvas and notes?

I would be FOREVER grateful!!!


Github for Markwhen is here:

I’m working on this. Still need some efforts to fully integrate the application but an early beta can be expected recently.

See Obsidian support · Issue #103 · mark-when/markwhen · GitHub


Now, I am not sure, inhowfar the solution I requested here

Markdown based Timelines / Markwhen Plugin for Obsidian

is based on Markline:

Demo can be found here:

But I very much would like to see an implementation of either as plugin for Obsidian.

Are there any gods of coding happening to have a few lightning bolts up their sleeves?


It looks like you posted twice about this. I merged the duplicate instead of deleting it, in case there was something in it you want to save. If not, feel free to delete it (or ask me to if you can’t).


This is great. Can I try it somewhere?

Not ready for testing yet, I will inform here once release.


WOW. I cannot wait for this.

I have seen some of the discussion and can only second the approach to not just embed marwhen timetables via codeblocks but to work on a solution that makes it “workable”.
I am sure that this is much more work. So I silently bow and gently exit to the back …

THANK YOU for tackling this!

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Wondering if there’s any update on this? Love markwhen. Mind would be blown to have this in Obsidian. Thanks! :pray:t3::grin:


I was following this thread through looks like progress is being made and the plugin is available via BRAT while it awaits being published officially. The repo is on

So far this looks really good from what I have been playing with.