Margin notes

It would be lovely to be able to add notes and emojis to margins.


I definitely second this. Right now I am using a “Cornell CSS” that does something similar. You can check out the Cornell Learning Vault (it is paid though) Cornell Notes Learning Vault - TfT Hacker
Hope this helps

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Huh? mods please ban obvious chatGPT replies. We’re not talking about other applications here. We’re talking about obsidian… this response is complete nonsense and zero commitment. did you even read what you just said?

In response to rpm, will admit I’m not a fan of paying for CSS. I’m a little hostile toward these “knowledge vaults” and other custom canvas candy type things that are paid only. Don’t ask why, I just really don’t like the idea of paying for something like that, especially since I’m working with limited means. After typing this up I just realized I’m just sad I can’t buy these things because I can barely afford food and water anymore.

So the plugin that originally came to mind when I thought this was a possibility is called Obsidian Critic Markup. It’s a beta plugin and not in the community plugins list. This offers gutter / margin notes.

Anyway, this might do the trick. I’ll be playing with this and share my experiences.

Here’s the obsidian forum thread:

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