Mapping back/forward shortcuts to Cmd+[ and Cmd+] still triggers their default behavior

Steps to reproduce

I got used to use Cmd+[ and Cmd+] to navigate back and forward which is standard in most applications. But it seems the same combination is used to indent/unindent in obsidian. And when I bind it to navigate back and forward, indent/unindent is not unbound and sometimes they both fire so you navigate and it is indented in the same time.

Expected result

Only navigation is triggered not indenting.

Actual result

Both indent and navigation are triggered.


  • Operating system: MacOS Mojave
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.3
  • Using custom CSS: Yes

Additional information

Not sure but I would guess that this behaviour when default key combination is not cleared with Bind is true for all other keys.

P.S. Thank you for obsidian! Love it!


Reproduced and changed title.

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