Map of Content plugin release

if the link is in the Frontmatter (between the dashes - - - ) plugin doesn’t capture it

@eltaho I’m not sure if this needs to be adressed, since i don’t think the frontmatter is supposed to be used for links (you can’t click on them, and they don’t get updated when you change the destinations file name)

thanks @Robin-Haupt didn’t know about this limitation of the frontmatter

I’ve released a new version with these changes:

  • Added a settings option to display the path from the Central Note starting at the Central Note instead of the currently open one.

  • Fixed a bug where links using # or ^ to reference headings or blocks weren’t followed

Please let me know how you like the feature to reverse the order in which the path is displayed. Do you think it is good enough to be the new default?

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Oh, I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing this! Life’s been madness- just finished a big move back to the States- but today’s plan is to tackle a serious overhaul of my vault to make it more efficient/automated/useful, so checking this out is going to the top of the list. Thank you so much! :pray:

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Great plugin.
Hoping to see the ability to have favourite or ad hoc Central Nodes.
Also the ability to limit the map to only files matching certain tags.

Thanks! Since i’ve been quite busy i haven’t been able to make many new features recently, but hopefully i’ll get a chance to make some of these advanced features eventually.


Thanks for your wonderful work with this, I am just installing it now but it seems to have the potential to provide nice hierarchical organization without folders.

I really love the idea you mentioned about being able to designate other or different central nodes. As you mention many people have different ‘thematic’ sections in their vault that are mostly independent. For now, I guess you can always switch the central node in the settings when you need to drill into a specific section.


Great plugin! Is there any way of getting the map of content generated into a note?

Not currently, but its a feature i would like to develop some day. Would you rather the MOC in the note is constantly updated or stays the same as when it was generated?

Is this because you want to include some of the notes as links in the note?

Hello Robin,

Thank you for the plug-in.

Can you add an option to make your plug-in just show all (forward and back) linked notes in a tree-like hierarchical form in the pane without needing to set the Central Note?

Then, I think your plug-in is much better than the (entire or local) Graph View when I want to navigate through my notes for inspiration and when I add links to my atomic note and try to see more relevant notes through their descendants.

This may not be the case that you build your plug-in for, but I think many would love it because it’s really painful to navigate through existing notes in the Graph View or manually click every link to traverse their vaults.

OR can you make the plug-in list all linked notes even when the Central Note is not set or not reachable from that note?

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Thank you for the suggestion.

That is something I would like to implement when I am able to, since I can see how useful it would be.

At the moment I am looking to land my first job as a professional software developer, which is unfortunately taking up most of my time. So if you or anybody else here knows someone who’s looking to hire a developer for remote work please send them my way, it will help me have more freedom to work on the plugin again sooner :smiley:

I can be contacted through my LinkedIn for job offers. My Portfolio can be found here. (Note that it isn’t quite complete yet at the time of writing)


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I like this Plug-In. It doesn’t sort the Map of Content into Alphabetical order though and I can’t see how to do that. Please help.

It’s not currently possible.

Hi Robin. I like the idea of this but can’t get it to work. I see it in the right pane but it says “Your Map of Content couldn’t be created. Make sure your Central Note path ‘Central’ is correct. You can change this path in the settings tab.”

But I don’t see a file by that a name in my vault, don’t know where to create it, don’t know what the “correct” path should me. Can you help?


Same here…I mean, I think I don’t quite understand the idea of “Central Note”. What is it supposed to be? I have my zettel organized, quite typically, in three folders: literature notes, zettels and hubs that are kind of “keywords”/concepts that receive links from other notes, but I don’t understand what really is (and what should contain) the Centrale Note. Could somebody give an example? Thanks!